Six Amazing Ways To Decorate With Brown Shag Rugs For A Beautiful And Sophisticated Look

Decorating with brown shag rug is an innovative and amicable way of adding color to any room in your home. Shag rugs appear and feel a little hairy as the name connotes. To some extent, the rug is similar to a sheepdog. It has floppy fibers and chunky. This rug can be made of polyester, nylon, silk, acrylic or wool. They are long bulbous fibers, very complicated to clean and maintain, unlike rugs with shorter fibers. It is because the dirt can accumulate unnoticed if the carpet is not vacuumed often. 

Shag rugs and carpets were here in the 1960s and 1970s. However, these significantly textured carpets are staging a comeback after some decades. If you own a brown shag carpet, there are different ways you can use it to decorate your home to create a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Here are different ways to use a brown shag rug to decorate your home to create a stylish looking modern space:

1. Choose Your Color Scheme 

Mix several shades of brown to produce a chocolate color scheme, including splatters of cream and white to brighten the look and a pat of black to justify it. Mix brown and green together with soft, sky blue for a nature enthused ambiance. Furthermore, include splashes of deep orange and red for a fall-enthused vibe. To craft an elegant, chic and contemporary look, make use of the abundance of neutral colors like cream and light tan with your brown shag carpet.

2. Combine And Match A Range Of Finishes And Textures 

Mix a rich and luxurious feel of a shag rug with other affectionate textures like cord, velvet, and satin in the form of throws and cushions. Also, incorporate different finishes including exceedingly polished woodwork, gloss, and satin paint as well as additional insightful materials like glass and mirrors. 

A brown shag rug makes a room airier while the dark color can make your room feel small and dark.

3. Use Satin Finish To Paint The Walls 

Make use of white gloss on woodwork including picture rails and baseboards to produce a clean, brilliant finish. Leave the wood natural for a more standard look and apply an un-tinted gloss to make a glossy finish.

4. Introduce Simple Furniture With Clean Lines

Using elaborate, sophisticated furniture with black shag rug would begin to make overpowering feel as a result of the amount of texture in the room.

5. Use Black Or Cream Color Shag Rug To Create A Unified Look 

The best way to do this is to use a touch of shag pile fabric anywhere in the room such as a cushion for instance.

6. Add Complementary Accessories To Complete The Look

For instance, add a vintage chocolate tin or candle-shaped sign if you select a dark chocolate color scheme. For a natured enthused room, however, add an animal or nature-themed print. Fill a bowl with pine cones to make showpiece for a fall-motivated room or exhibit silky, black tabletop accessories and white and black prints for a contemporary vibe.

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